The kitchen is one of the most used and visited rooms in your home and as such should be constructed using the most durable materials available.

When it comes to durability, granite reins supreme and will give your kitchen an elegant, luxurious feel that is unmatched with other materials. Understanding that a well-designed and constructed kitchen can influence purchase decisions, you should provide your home with every opportunity available to excel.

Granite is a very hard, dense, extremely durable rock that requires much skill to carve. It is also these properties that make it a wonderful material for your kitchen since it is scratch and wear resistant. In fact, you can use your granite countertop as a cutting board and know with confidence it will not scratch or chip, although your knife will lose its edge.

Granite countertops comes from the factory with a resin applied. We will apply a sealer over the top of this resin. This ensures that no pores remain in the material and it can stand up to liquid pills without staining.

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Quartz Surface

Since ancient times quartz was known for it's beauty. It has been used for thousands of years in jewelery and in other decorative items found in the home.

Quartz is beautiful and strong and is the current, modern style for the home. To make quartz a usable and consistent product, modern science has brought the breakthrough of engineered quartz. One brand of engineered quartz we use is SileStone. SileStone is composed of 94% pure quartz which makes these countertops extremely hard and durable. SileStone is not only strong, but is available in many colors and styles.

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Marble is used in monuments and ancient architecture around the world being both classic and elegant. Perhaps this is the reason great civilizations like the Greeks and Romans coveted and used marble extensively.

In the modern home marble is great for adorning bathroom vanities, fireplaces, and furniture tops. It gives off a glow when honed and polished. Today marble represents refinement, class, and wealth. The stone is slightly porous and contains crystals which light penetrates when directed on it. This causes the light to be reflected back producing a glow effect that is really beautiful.

Marble not durable as other stones and is not the best stone for use in the kitchen because it is reactive to acids such as fruit juice, soda, coffee, alcohol, and salad dressing. This means that etching can occur if these liquids come into contact with the stone leaving a dull, light spot.

There are a wide variety of patterns and color styles for marble. For example, purple marble is mostly found in Egypt whereas yellow marble is found in the Tuscany region of Italy.

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Once you have decided on which stone you will choose, we can customize the edge for you. We can produce all the edges you see below. If you have any questions, don't hestitate to contact us.